156th place

9518 points


Challenge Category Value Time
Howdy! Misc1
Who am I? Misc100
Where am I? Misc100
Cheesy Reversing100
Snakes over cheese Reversing100
Not Another SQLi Challenge Web100
0_intrusion DriveByInc100
042 Reversing384
Who do I trust? Misc100
0_intrusion MicroServices100
-.- Crypto100
RSAaaay Crypto354
I heard you like files. Misc306
Hello World Misc339
Pwn2 Pwn356
Pwn1 Pwn227
Stop and Listen Network/Pentest324
Robots Rule Web100
PWN Secure Coding423
SQL Secure Coding419
Suricata Honeypot100
Honeytrap Honeypot100
1_logs DriveByInc100
0_Network_Enumeration ReadingRainbow100
Buckets Web362
Pwn3 Pwn387
Cr4ckZ33C0d3 Reversing466
Science! Web325
Many Gig'ems to you! Web316
Pwn4 Pwn100
Pwn5 Pwn372
Calculator Network/Pentest474
Secrets Android376
Science Secure Coding455
KeyGenMe Reversing423
NoCCBytes Reversing439
Obfuscaxor Reversing490